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The SuperDrive draws its roots from the ever popular and superb sounding overdrive and distortion tones of the mid to late 70's. It was designed with clarity and versatility in mind. With expertly tuned multiple gain stages the SuperDrive can go from gritty boost to all out thick, saturated, heavenly distortion. The Presence control allows you to dial in just the right amount of high end and the 3-position Tone switch sets the low end focus from surgically precise to laid back and loose. Full yet articulate, with a high degree of dynamic sensitivity, the SuperDrive is truly an extension of your character as a player, pushing you to the forefront rather than burying you in the mix.

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SolidGoldFX - Super Drive

SolidGoldFX - Super Drive SOLIDGOLDFX SUPER DRIVE Solid Gold Superdrive

SolidGoldFX SuperDuperDrive Solid Gold FX SUPER DRIVE guitar effects pedal demo Solid Gold FX Super Duper Drive guitar effects pedal demo

SolidGoldFx Super Drive Overdrive Solidgoldfx: APOLLO & SUPER DRIVE (walk into a bar) solidgoldfx : SUPER DRIVE

SolidGold FX Super Drive Demo by Music Gear Fast  
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