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The Apollo is our choice take on Phase. With its warm analog 4-stage core, feature packed yet simple interface, and streamline aesthetic the Apollo is phasing reimagined. Equipped with our proprietary tap tempo microprocessor and tap multiplier the Apollo can quickly be adjusted to add a subtle motion to your playing or a rapid staccato swirl that lifts and drops you like an off track roller coaster. Three distinct waveform settings along with eight different rhythmic modes further expand the Apollo's tonal textures and possibilities. Use the Randomizer setting to punctuate your playing with magically inconsistent phase shifts or the Manual mode to control the phase sweep itself, via an external expression pedal, for the most unique take on wah you have ever heard. Rather than being painted into a corner the Apollo is your creative canvas, giving you ultimate say in the construction of your ideal vision of phase.

*Recommended Expression Pedal: Mission EP-1R, M-Audio EXP

250.00 CAD,US
*Shipping to US & CA ONLY - Other countries please email us
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SolidGoldFx Apollo Phaser

SolidGoldFx Apollo Phaser SolidGoldFx Apollo with Expression Pedal Solidgoldfx: APOLLO & SUPER DRIVE (walk into a bar)

solidgoldfx: Apollo. Happiness Is. SolidGoldFx Apollo Tap Tempo Phaser - Demo by Just Nick SolidGold FX Apollo Phaser
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