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The Agent 13 is the Swiss Army Knife of fuzz! Soulful and subtle, or seriously twisted and textured, the Agent 13 does it all! Equipped with a select set of hand tuned silicon transistors, a 3-way tone toggle, and a wicked, wide-range bias knob, finding your personal sound is just a few twists away. Whether you are chasing a distinctly vintage flavor of fuzz or a monstrously modern wall of sound the Agent 13 has you covered. It can even self-oscillate at maximum fuzz settings turning the Agent 13 into an instrument in and of itself. If versatility and unique character is what you're after than look no further.

175.00 CAD,US
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SolidGoldFX - Agent 13

SolidGoldFX - Agent 13 Agent 13 Fuzz (SolidGoldFx) SolidGoldFx Agent 13 Fuzz

SolidGold FX Agent 13 Solidgold FX Agent 13 fuzz guitar effects pedal demo SolidGold FX - Agent 13 Fuzz - BASS Demo

SolidGoldFX Agent 13 Fuzz (V2) SolidGoldFX AGENT13 Fuzz  
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