My name is Greg and I am the founder and designer of SolidGoldFX. SGFX is a small team of dedicated individuals sharing the same commitment to excellence, attention to detail and passion for music and musical instruments. Since the very beginning, our goal has been to offer you a very personal sonic experience by blending the warmth and feel of my favourite vintage effects and tones, with the clarity, response, consistency and reliability expected from modern day electronics. We choose to push the limits of traditional pedal design, to develop innovative new features and precisely tuned devices as we aim to help you redefine the boundaries of your music. Every single pedal that leaves this shop is handmade using quality components and individually tested using live amps and guitars to ensure that you receive nothing less than what you would expect from SGFX. These aren't toys, but powerful, professional grade tools designed to inspire and create art. 

In addition to our standard line of pedals, we offer our Custom Shop services for custom colors, exclusive creations and specially tuned variants. We also offer a limited modification service resulting of our many years of testing, tweaking, and always wanting more tone, better definition, less noise and a more versatile pedal.

This is not our hobby. This is our obsession and we always look forward to Monday morning!

Greg Djerrahian
Founder & President, SolidGoldFX

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